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15th-Feb-2013 03:29 pm - Money matters
I've been hesitate to tell when people asking whether i'm continue my studies. Today i had a bad news. The fee is really expensive, at least for me and my family financial level. I am registered as their student, but still hesitate to continue or call it off. I don't want to be a burden. I already got my first scroll, i don't really need to do this to get job even tho it's quite hard to get a good job with good pay now. Let's think it over and make decision.
29th-Aug-2012 02:29 pm - new fandom
bubbly miwa
I was writing my proposal, suddenly stopped by writer's block. It surprised me when there's nothing come out when i think of what to include in the writing. As if i never learn those things. Let it aside, i decide to make this entry.


I came to a conclusion that i like cool girl with talent in making inspiring lyrics and creating great and pleasant songs.Collapse )

19th-Aug-2012 12:01 pm - Eid Mubarak!
Eid is coming.. Eid Mubarak!


I already received my 'otoshidama' for this yearCollapse )
10th-Aug-2012 08:59 pm - Yuto already 19~ ^^

It's 10th August.. i swear i almost wish for Yuto's bday on 8th. Luckily the 2 similar digits of the date looks awkward. I'd long accepted that i can't remember idols bday, it happen since i stop telling people my own birth date.

I like crybaby Yuto the most~ ^^Collapse )
26th-Jul-2012 09:09 am - Play-asia flawed, wrong-sent item.
This is actually what happened to me. Last month, i ordered 2 cds, which are YUI's My Short Stories (MSS) Limited Edition [CD+DVD] Hong Kong vesion, and Hey Say JUMP's Your Seed Regular Edition. I ordered around 26 or 27 of June and due to not in stock item, it was delayed until 4th July. But on 4th, they only sent one of my item, Your Seed CD bcs the other one still not in stock. They deliver it separately without any addition in shipping charge. Then 6th July, an email came noticing me about the item, MSS, already sent.
more here..Collapse )

10th-Jul-2012 03:44 pm - Result- Sprout
Finally the result day. I got to log in as soon after 12pm. Well, i didn't feel so doki2 like every last 7 semesters. I only have 2 subjects last semester. One i never missed the class, did my best working on assignments, and doing good with the midterm exams, only the least good i did for this subject is in the final exam. For this paper, i got a not satisfying one.

The other one, i never purposely missed the class either, but i kinda took it lightly along the semester, my midterm test result isn't that good, but i did my best at assignments given, but i got higher marks than the earlier subject. 

So i come to a conclusion, it's okay to spoil a little before the final, but make sure the assignments and final exam is done properly. I'm good at doing last minute preparation but i still need enough time to struggle with it.. despite this, i don't call myself a last minute person tho.


I've been into arashi lately. Since i came home, i watch arashi everyday. Arashi bangumi is really amusing. JUMP now will never beat their sempai. Even my oneechan loves to watch them. She even told our mom that i influence her with arashi. lol. But i only watch arashi's bangumi. Bcs arashi's song aren't my type. There's a few i like, but they're not listed in my mp3 yet. Been a while since i paid attention to JUMP. 

Yeah, about sprout. I read the manga, only few chapters tho. I like souhei with miyu. Still dunno the ed. In drama, i like the girl morikawa aoi. She looks natural playing tthe role. Maybe after this debut, she'll get to do more drama. Watching her, reminds me of takimoto miori, most probably bcs of the mole near her eyes. She's cute. The girl ho play miyu also cute. But i watch her played as antagonist in shokojo seira before, so that kinda leave me with bias. I don really like her even tho i like miyu innocent character. For souhei, he's just chinen dress up as souhei. For the 1st epsd, i don't find anything distinct or good about him being souhei. shall read more n watch more to say more.. haha  ^^

so lazy to put any picture lah~ :3
2nd-Jul-2012 02:19 am - An Apology
This is embarassing. i have to declare that i'm not able to work on YUI Diary anymore. There might be time when i may do it, but i'm sure it'll be really rare. n yuistalker community is pretty much dead already, but i can't do anything to help. I regret that. I'm lack of few things needed. Allow me to apologize properly. I'm sorry for not being a good fan. 

For YUI fans, go to YUIlovers page(google it, n u'll find) for YUI activities update.I'm sure you'll get enough info about YUI there.

perhaps will be on hiatus from who-knows-when-to-who-knows-when..
26th-May-2012 06:35 pm - The appearance of Yamada Hime
I have nothing particular to say, n no intention to post anything in these few days. But then this came up, i have to say something about it. 

Yamada HIME~ >__<Collapse )

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